-Edamame 5,00€
Steamed soybeans with Himalayan salt

– Curry gyozas 8,00€
4 Japanese curry dumplings

-Chicken gyozas 6,75€
4 Japanese chicken and vegetable dumpling

-Vegetable gyozas 6,50€
4 Japanese vegetable dumplings

-Chicken Karaage 9,50€
Chicken marinated in soy sauce and ginger

-Ebi tempura 15,50€
5 prawn tempura

-Sweet chilli prawn tempura 15,50€
Prawn tempura with sweet chilli sauce


-Kenkyo Salad 14,50€
Variety of fish with seasonal fruits and passion fruit vinaigrette

-Seaweed salad 12,50€
Variety of seaweed with soy sauce and sesame

-Tuna tartar with truffle 17,00€
Tuna tartar with avocado emulsion and almond-smoked tempura egg

-Spicy tuna tartar 15,50€
Spicy tuna, ponzu and wasabi sauce

-Sake tartar 14,50€
Salmon tartar, ponzu and passion fruit sauce

-Ceviche 16,50€
Variety of fish marinated in citrus sauce with sweet potato crisp

SASHIMI (4 pieces

-Tuna 7,00€

-Salmon 6,00€

-Butterfish 6,00€

-Scallop 7,00€

-Amberjack 6,00€


FUSION SUSHI (8 pieces)

-Washi 17,40€
Panko king prawns. Topped with avocado and truffle mayonnaise

-Chinpanji 14,00€
Avocado, palm hearts and ebi. Covered with masago, topped with guacamole

-Kitsune 15,90€
White fish tempura and cream cheese. Topped with tuna and fried leek

–Raion 15,90€
Avocado, ebi and wakame seaweed. Topped with a variety of masago

-Kurage 14,75€
Tempura prawn and avocado. Topped with salmon and masago

-Zou 15,90€
Panko prawn, mango and avocado. Topped with butterfish and yellow chilli sauce

-Kamome 14,50€
Tempura prawn, avocado and eel. Topped with flamed salmon

-Iruka 13,75€
Salmon, chives and cream cheese. Salmon topping


-Sake 9,00€
Filled with salmon, cucumber and cream cheese. Topped with sesame seeds or tobiko

-Maguro 9,45€
Filled with tuna, cucumber and asparagus. Topped with sesame seeds or tobiko

-California 8,50€
Filled with kanikama, avocado and cucumber. Topped with sesame seeds or tobiko

-Spicy Tuna 9,90€
Filled with spicy tuna, avocado and chives. Topped with sesame seeds or tobiko

–Vegetable 8,50€
Filled with avocado, asparagus, cucumber and carrot. Topped with sesame seeds

– Ebi 9,45€
Filled with prawn, avocado and asparagus. Topped with sesame seeds or tobiko

-Kame 9,80€
Filled with smoked salmon, chives and cream cheese. Topped with tobiko

HOSOMAKI (8 pieces)

-Tekka maki 6,85€
Filled with tuna.

-Sake maki 5,80€
Filled with salmon

-Kappa maki 4,80€
Filled with cucumber

-Aguacate maki 4,80€
Filled with avocado


-Tora (8 pcs.) 9,95€
Cream cheese and mango cream. Topped with salmon tartar and unagi sauce

-Pyuma (8 pcs.) 9.50€
Cream cheese and spring onion. Topped with tuna tartar, grilled pineapple and unagi sauce

-Buta (6 pcs.) 11,50
Scallop, avocado, leek and kimchi mayonnaise

NIGIRI (2 pieces)

-Tuna 5,50€

-Salmon 4,90€

-Butterfish 5,20€

-Butterfish with truffle 8,00€

-Amberjack 5,30€

-Eel 5,70€

-Aburi hotate 8,00€
Flamed scallop

-Tuna and foie 8,00€
Tuna flamed with foie gras, raspberry and Pedro Ximénez sauce

-Aburi salmon 7,50€

-Quail egg and truffle 4,75€


-Beef teppanyaki 22,80
Garnished with steamed rice

-Yaki udon 12,60€
Wok stir-fried noodles with chicken, prawns and vegetables. With soy sauce (spicy option)

-Chicken teriyaki 13,00€
With pineapple and steamed rice garnish

-Yakisoba 12,60€
Wok stir-fried soba noodles with prawns and vegetables. Served with yakisoba sauce (spicy option)

– Pineapple gomoku 12,00€
Wok stir-fried rice with beef, pork, egg, vegetables and pineapple. With soy sauce

-Salmon teriyaki 14,90€
Salmon glazed with teriyaki sauce, served with wok vegetables

-Torikatsu 9,00€
Breaded chicken breast, served with steamed rice garnish


-Banoffee 6,50
Chocolate soil, caramelized milk ice cream with flower salt and banana mousse

-Cheesecake 6,50
Raspberry, strawberry ice cream and cream cheese

–Pineapple Carpaccio 5,50
Flambéed with rum and coconut milk ice cream

-Chocolate coulant 5,50
With ice cream

– Mochi (2 pcs.) 5,50
Ice cream treat covered in rice paste



-Sweet Berries Sensation 9,50
Vodka, lychee puree, vanilla, pineapple juice, albumen and lemon-lime mix

-Basil Mule 9,50
Basil vodka, basil lemonade, ginger, green apple puree, ginger beer and mint

-Travel 9,50
Cachaza, coconut puree, spiced rum, pineapple juice, lemon-lime mix and roasted pineapple

-Tropical Negroni 9,50
Campari infused pineapple, vermouth, smoked roku gin and dehydrated pineapple

-Caribbean Party 9,50
Cinnamon-infused rum, passoã, spicy mango, liquid sugar, lemon-lime mix and orange juice

-Clover Kenkyo 9,50
Gin, lemon-lime mix, red berries and egg white